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It's All About Support: Meet Amber!

BMS - Amber Stewart

Did you know that your Business Management System support team has over 60 years of combined retail floral experience? Here at BloomNet, we value employing individuals that can truly relate to our Florists. In turn, you will see support, understanding and recommendations from our technicians who truly appreciate how your business is run and has been in your shoes before.

This month, our featured Business Management System Support Employee is Amber Stewart. As a Business System Management trainer, she comes with a wealth of knowledge and provides three useful tips for Business Management System that you can begin to utilize today!


Amber Stewart, Business Management System Installer & Technician, Length with Company: 3 years

Industry Experience/History

Amber started working in the Floral Industry in 1989. It began with a 6-month apprenticeship followed by 350 hours with no pay. At the time, there were no other work opportunities for a high school student in the small town she lived in. So in 1992, she began working for one of the largest retail floral chains in the U.S. After only 5 years with the company, she started managing one of 14 retail store locations. Amber's knowledge of the business and managing leveraged her into becoming the General manager for the chain of 14 stores. In 2004, Amber gave birth to her first child and decided to focus on raising her family. Over the years she worked part-time as a designer until 2014 when Amber joined the BloomNet team.


Personal Tidbit

Amber had limited computer experience when she started working for BloomNet outside of using a POS system within the retail location she managed. When she was hired on at BloomNet, her manager stressed that her shop knowledge and understanding of the way retail shops manage their business trumped her inexperience with computers and that would be taught to her. Thus, when Amber provides training and troubleshoots issues for florists she can literally visually understand how the shop is working and provide recommendations based on her vast experience in the retail floral industry.


One word of advice for Business Management System

"I see a lot of shops daily who are not taking advantage of all that Business System Management has to offer. Don't be afraid to get in there and explore and if you have questions or don't know what a certain function does, don't hesitate to ask!"


Amber's Tips & Tricks for Business Management System


Tip #1: Search at a Glance

Did you know there is an easy way to see all orders in Business Management System in the orders in the order they were received/placed at a glance? Simply open the search page and clicking on the search button at the bottom of the screen without typing any search criteria. All orders in your Business Management System will appear on a list, chronologically from the most recent order that was taken in your Business Management System to the oldest. This comes in useful when looking for an order to edit, refund or if you are concerned with auto-printing


Tip #2: Security Matters

When was the last time you changed your password? It is a good idea to change your password from time to time and doing so is quick and easy. Go to My Shop> Employee Management> Employee Maintenance. Identify your login and click Edit. In the password field enter in the new password you would like to have. Remember, passwords must be at least six alphanumeric characters long. 

While you are at it, you may also want to limit access to your staff and allow full admin access to only you and a select few employees. To add, modify, or remove employees, go to My Shop> Employee Management> Employee Maintenance. From there, you can add new employees, control your Business Management System access for employees, and remove employees. Just keep in mind, if you remove the log in ID you are currently using to access your Business Management System, you will lock that user out!


Tip #3: Expedite Order Entry with Common Addresses

One of the many time saving features of your Business Management system is the ability to centrally manage locations that you deliver to on a regular basis such as Funeral Homes, Hospitals and Businesses. Setting them up and using them during checkout is easy to do and should be used in your daily process.

Adding Common Addresses to Business Management System: Go to My Shop> POS Management> Common Addresses, then click on "Add New". Select what type of address it is and type in all of the information for that destination.


Selecting Common Addressed During Checkout During Order Entry:

Simply check the "Use common address" box under Recipient Information. Click the down arrow and select your common address. Thus, with one click the address information will automatically populate! Enter the recipient's name and you're done.


Upcoming Release!

The Business Management System Development Team is working on the next release that is slated for the end of June/beginning of July. Below are the key items our team is targeting. Stay tuned for the release note with more detail once deployed.

*EMV Capability (Enabling acceptance of Chip Cards)

*Inbound Teleflora Integration

*Address Validation

*Business Management System Client Update


(*Dates and target items are subject to change)



We're here to help! Contact us at 1-800-BloomNet (1-800-256-6663), email us at or chat with us through BMS or at!